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About Apollo

Apollo was founded to prove that a business can be successful by valuing those who do the direct work of health care.  To achieve this, Apollo focuses on 2 main principles Transparency and Autonomy.  In practice this means:

  1. Apollo strives to provide transparent and measurable expectations that are clearly explained in each job description so staff can make informed decisions about their situation.
  1. Apollo respects staff to individually decide how to meet those job expectations by deciding for themselves.
    1. When to work
    2. Where to work
    3. Who to work with
    4. How much to work
  1. Apollo Gives the money other companies spend on benefits like healthcare, 401k, and PTO directly to the individual. This allows you to make decisions your boss should never be involved in, such as determining:
    1. Your medical coverage
    2. How to invest in financial/retirement planning
    3. When you want to take a day off
  1. Further, Apollo believes that it is financially advantageous for an individual to be an independent contractor with their own business compared to a W2 employee. This allows staff to benefit from the same tax rules that companies like Amazon and Tesla use to increase the profit they take home compared to being a traditional W2 employee.  To honor this belief, Apollo provides reimbursement to staff for both consulting with an accountant and filing to start one’s own business.