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ARMHS Mental Health Practitioner

Job Description:

An ARMHS Practitioner works directly with clients to teach them to overcome the barriers caused by their mental health symptoms.  This work is done one on one with the client in their home or community, so practitioners will need to be able to drive to the client’s location.  The most important part of this work is building the relationship with clients, so they feel supported while taking on the challenges that have been holding them back.

Providing ARMHS is a blend of therapy and social work.  In a typical session, the practitioner will arrive at the client’s home, spend on average 1-3 hours working with the client on:

  1. Education about what mental health symptoms are, how to identify symptoms, and the impairments caused by them.
  2. Teaching and practicing skills to address clients’ impairments caused by their mental health symptoms.
  3. Coaching clients to use those skills in real life situations to achieve their personal goals.
  4. Assessing with clients what worked and what didn’t work so they can do better next time.

Expectations of ARMHS Mental Health Practitioners:

  1. Clients report that you show up on time, they enjoy your company, and you are helpful.
  2. Paperwork is completed correctly and on time.
  3. Attend required treatment supervision and CEU’s.
  4. Follow all ethical and legal responsibilities of the position.
  5. Hold a valid driver’s license, active car insurance, and have a reliable vehicle.


Performed Service Starting Pay 6 months 12 months**
H0031 FA $26.25 a session $27.50 a session $30.00 a session
H0032 ITP $26.25 a session $27.50 a session $30.00 a session
H2017 ARMHS BLSS* $26.25 an hour $27.50 an hour $30.00 an hour
H0046 Travel* $25.00 an hour $25.00 an hour $25.00 an hour

* Hourly services are paid in 15m units, except travel which is in 1m units

** After 12 months further pay raises to be discussed

Scheduled Work Hours: Worker’s preference, with no quota.

Location: Work from your home county anywhere in Minnesota.

Qualified Applicants:

  • 2000 hours of experience delivering services to clients with mental health.
  • Enrolled in a Master’s degree relevant to mental health and currently in a practicum or internship for training.
  • Graduated with a Master’s degree relevant to mental health.