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ARMHS Treatment Assessor

Job Description:

The role of the Treatment Assessor is to get new and existing clients assessed for ARMHS.

ARMHS assessments are similar to, but not exactly therapy.  In a typical session, the Treatment Assessor will contact the client in person or via telehealth and spend 60-75 minutes interviewing the client about:

  1. Bio/Psycho/Social History
  2. Mental Health Symptoms and Diagnostic Criteria
  3. Functioning in the 13 Domains of ARMHS
  4. Goals and Objectives for a Treatment Plan

Expectations of ARMHS Treatment Assessors:

  1. Confidently explain the service and client’s rights in terms clients understand and appreciate.
  2. Concisely get all required information within the time frame provided.
  3. Within 72 hours of an interview complete the following while meeting all required criteria:
    1. Diagnostic Assessment
    2. Functional Assessment
    3. Individual Treatment Plan
  4. Attend required clinical supervision and CEU’s.
  5. Follow all ethical and legal responsibilities of the position.


Performed Service Starting Pay 4 months 8 months 12 months
90791 DA $55.00 a session $57.50 a session $60.00 a session $65.00 a session
H0031 FA $32.50 a session $35.00 a session $37.50 a session $42.50 a session
H0032 ITP $32.50 a session $35.00 a session $37.50 a session $42.50 a session


Est. Hourly Pay* $48.00 an hour $51.00 an hour $54.00 an hour $60.00 an hour

*Based on taking 2.5 hours to interview and write all 3 documents.  For example, starting pay for a Treatment Assessor who completes a DA, FA, and ITP in 2.5 hours is $120, or $48 an hour.


Scheduled Work Hours: Worker’s preference, hours as available with no quota.

Location: Work from your home 

Qualified Applicants

  • Clinical Trainees
  • Non-Licensed Clinicians
  • Licensed Clinicians