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What is ARMHS and how can it help?

What is ARMHS and how can it help?

What Is ARMHS?

ARMHS stands for Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services, and is a program through Minnesota’s Medical Assistance Insurance. ARMHS focuses on providing rehabilitative mental health support for people experiencing impairments due to a mental health diagnosis.

What Issues Can ARMHS Help Me With?

ARMHS is able to work with you with almost any issue that is impacted by your mental health symptoms. A few examples of what ARMHS can teach you how to do are:

  1. How to access other services and supports you qualify for.
  2. How to navigate and benefit from medical, dental, mental health, and substance use services.
  3. How to feel safe going out into the community, getting food/goods, and handling transportation.
  4. How to develop healthy relationships and communication skills.
  5. How to overcome barriers to pursing education or work.
  6. How to manage a budget and access financial supports.
  7. How to find and maintain stable housing.
  8. How to handle your basic life tasks and activities of daily living.
  9. How to overcome any other issues that are impaired by your mental health symptoms.

How Does ARMHS Work?

ARMHS is a rehabilitative service, so the focus is always on teaching you how to handle things for yourself. Unlike traditional therapy, ARMHS is provided in your home or in the community, it is not limited to a 60-minute session once a week, and it focuses on developing your skills to better manage the practical issues of your life despite your mental health symptoms.

In a typical session, a Mental Health Practitioner (MHP) will arrive at your home and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours working with you. During this time the MHP will coach you to do things like:

  1. Identifying and understanding your mental health symptoms and the impairments caused by them.
  2. Learning and practicing skills to address your impairments caused by your mental health symptoms.
  3. Applying those skills in real life situations to achieve your personal goals.
  4. Assessing what worked and what didn’t work with you to do better next time.

Important things to remember about ARMHS:

  • The success of ARMHS is largely determined by the quality of the relationship between you and your MHP. It is important for both parties to feel comfortable with, and respect each other. If you currently have an ARMHS worker and do not feel comfortable or respected, please contact our Clinical Supervisor, Laura Scharber LMFT, and she will work with you to get you a MHP that will work best with you.
  • ARMHS is not case management and does not provide direct care services such as personal care, cooking, cleaning, laundry, medication management, substance use treatment, emergency housing, or crisis intervention.